Hassan group manufactures wide range products for furniture and bedding sector under the brands "Derio" and "Felthro".

Derio is used in synthetic leather backing. This product can be produced from Polyester fibers in desired lengths and widths with ISO 9001:2000 Quality assurance system. Production of thermofixed or calendared needlepunched nonwoven fabrics from 40 g/m2 up to 1000 g/m2 is possible. Derio can be produced up to 7,4 meters width with homogeneous web distribution (structure), stabilized thickness and less weight tolerance. This product is available in white, black, charcoal and special colors.

Felthro is used in bedding industry. This product is produced in a range of 500-2500 g/m2 with different size, thickness and hardness requested. The hardness of the product is adjusted, depending on the area of usage, by using different raw materials. Felthro is available as hard felts, filling felts, juted felts, etc.


  • Fire Barier
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Certificates ISO_9001, Hassan Tekstil


  • Felthro
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Certificates ISO_9001, Hassan Tekstil ISO_16949, Siteks ISO_9001, Siteks


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Certificates ISO_9001, Hassan Tekstil