Hassan Group manufactures economic, safe and environment friendly different types of felts for filter medias under the brand name "Filtrex". Filtrex is produced from PES, PP, CV, Bico fibers or their blends with ISO 9001:2000 Quality assurance system. During the production process quality control and laboratory tests are always applied. Filtrex can be produced up to 6,3 meters (7,4 meters) width with high efficiency, long life and resistance. The product has high dust holding (filtering) capacity and high air permeability values. According to customer specifications, this product can be produced with various widths and different hydrophobic finishes such as silicone, ptfe (Teflon), fluorocarbon, etc. Dimensional stability and reinforcement with special net scrims is also possible.

The typical end uses of Filtrex are vacuum cleaner filters; bus and truck air filters; heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; bitumen, cement, iron-steel and flour production factories; dying compartments of chemical industry and different industry plants.


Companies Hassan Tekstil
Certificates ISO_9001, Hassan Tekstil